welcome to the lingerie princess

hi everyone! thanks for joining me on my journey. you can call me lucy. i’m currently 25 years old, and i am a self-confessed lingerie addict living in london.

i live with depression and anxiety, and spent a good portion of my teenage years battling with disordered eating. i struggle with maintaining a positive body image, and i set up my little instagram page to help me learn to love everything about my body, and to showcase my love for lingerie!

originally, my page was going to remain anonymous. i shared it with close friends and my partner, but i never intended to show my face or reveal my name. until i realised what an impact it was having on other people. i felt like i couldn’t be as authentic as i wanted to be – growing up, i would have loved to see pages like mine (and so many other of my favourite accounts, which i will no doubt introduce soon!) to help me realise that hey, i am worthy and beautiful!

so, i set up this blog to run alongside. there are so many things i want to talk about on my instagram but it’s quite a limited platform. here, you will find an array of lingerie reviews and recommendations, as well as documentations of my adventures in self love and living with mental health illnesses.

alongside lingerie i am an avid pokemon fan (i still play all the games and collect the cards!), i LOVE mexican food, and i am obsessed with sausage dogs (well, dogs in general to be honest, but sausage dogs the most).

that’s about it for now, please feel free to follow my instagram, twitter, or facebook pages to keep up to date with blog posts and lingerie goodness!

p.s. i do have a ko-fi account, so please feel free to support my content with a small donation! you can find this here.

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