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i am so excited to bring you my first proper lingerie review, and what better to kick things off than my hands-down favourite set of 2017? this will come as no surprise to people who are familiar with the scantilly by curvy kate range, it’s been aaalll over their social media and with good reason – it looks bloody incredible! i purchased mine via – direct links to the products at the bottom of the post. without further ado, let’s begin!the first thing that struck me about this was the colour. my iphone combined with terrible lighting in my flat really doesn’t do it justice! it’s a stunning slate grey shade that looks almost blue in some lighting. combine the delicate eyelash lace with bold, black strapping and you’ve got a super striking look.

the set comes with a choice of two briefs – a high waist cut that features strapping detail at the waistline, creating a classic hourglass shape with a cheeky low cut back; or this twist on a thong that i opted for. and boy, i am glad i did. i love a high waist brief, but i find that i own loads of them now due to my (let’s be honest) obsession with scantilly, and i very rarely wear them on a day to day basis. they come out for a special occasion, or when i’m wearing something that they sit under nicely – i find that i can’t wear a pair of jeans with them, because the briefs end up sitting higher than the waistband of the jeans and it gets pretty uncomfortable pretty quickly. they’re perfect for under dresses though!

anyway, back to the point: this thong-with-a-twist is all kinds of sexy. from the barely there eyelash lace front to the leg strapping detail – ALL OF THE YES. it is, essentially, a very skimpy thong. it has a gusset (cotton lined) and it does what a thong usually does with the added leg straps. the beauty of it is that you can wear the straps where you find them to be the most comfortable. the waistband? wear it straight across your hips or bring it up in a ‘v’ shape like i have here. the leg harnesses? wear them over your bum, or under it and around your thighs. it might not look it, but this is comfortable enough to wear on a day to day basis. i’ve worn it on a number of occasions now, as part of a regular outfit, and sure it might make going to the loo a little fiddlier with the added straps but ultimately it feels just like a regular thong and fits true to size. i’m wearing a size small, which suits my UK size 8-10 perfectly.

the bra is a half cup shape, with a straight-across-the-bust-cut that creates an incredible shelf lift. i find that it runs true to size, and i wear my sister size of 30FF (normally i wear 28G, but scantilly styles currently only start from a 30 band) so the band is a little big on me, hence fastening on the tightest hooks but i would definitely advise going with your usual size. i would recommend sizing up in the cup if you’re not used to a half cup style, as it can feel like you’re about to fall out of it at times! the cups are lined with a thin foam, there’s no additional ‘push-up’ style padding, and the lift comes from the shape and structure of the cup. i find the wires to be firm, but not digging-in firm. i can feel them against my ribcage and sternum but not enough to be in any kind of discomfort – it’s a light pressure that just lets me know that i’m supported! the gore separates your cleavage just enough to avoid the ‘uni-boob’ effect, and sits roughly in the same place as the gore of a balconette bra.

there are so many little details that really bring the set together. the black strapping detail crosses over at the cradle of the bra, and the shoulder straps ‘extend’ down over the cups (there’s stitching where the strap hits the top of the cup to prevent any excess strain). the little hints of eyelash lace peeking out under the strapping at the cradle and along the top edge of the cups add such a feminine touch, and it’s all topped off with the brand’s signature rose gold hardware and ‘s’ charm detailing.

i am besotted with this set and would love to see it released in some other colours! a deep red or a forest green would look incredible, don’t you think? if you’ve tried this set let me know, i’d love to hear your thoughts!

xo, the lingerie princess

bra available here, in 30-38 DD-HH
thong available here, S-XL
high waist brief available here, S-XL

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