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edit: updated october 2020 with images in the slate/blush colourway.

hello everyone! it’s been a while, hasn’t it…? i don’t really have an excuse other than i’ve been seriously lacking motivation but i’m trying to get back on track!

i’ve got another review for you, from my favourite lingerie brand curvy kate. this is the bra that has saved my life this summer thanks to its sheer and lightweight mesh! i have this beauty in three colours: black, nude and the petrol blue tone as seen in these photos.

before i begin, let’s quickly cover sizing. this bra is in my sister size of 30FF as it unfortunately isn’t produced in 28 bands, so i couldn’t take my usual 28G 🙁 but it does fit true to size, and is nice and firm on the middle-to-tightest hooks so if you’re like me with a teeny back, you should be able to get away with it! for the brief, i have the nude and black in an 8 while i got a 10 for the blue. i’m right between the two sizes and both fit really well; the 10 just offer a touch more coverage and are a little more forgiving at the hips, but they certainly run true to size from my experience. the range covers 30-40 bands and D-J cups, while the short comes in 8-24 (all UK sizes).

so let’s get down to the review! i’m really impressed by the level of support this bra offers. it looks so lightweight and delicate that i wasn’t really expecting much in all honesty, but the mesh is rigid and doesn’t stretch so it really holds your bust in place. the band isn’t overly stretchy either, so you get some good anchorage. it fastens with 3 rows of 3 hooks and eyes for the 30FF, so i’m going to go ahead and guess it’s a 2 hook and eye deal in D-F cups with 3 for FF+ cups.

Rear view of the Lingerie Princess wearing Curvy Kate's Lifestyle set in Petrol Blue.

i really like the little details on this design. it’s minimalistic and chic, with gorgeous double ring details at the straps and gore. they make SUCH a nice change to bows and ribbons! i love the little sporty touches too, like the striking seams and the edging at the neckline. it just rounds the look off really well and is such a complimentary style.

The Lingerie Princess in Curvy Kate's Lifestyle Petrol Blue lingerie set.

i love that the straps are simple too – none of this fancy edging that you see on a lot of bras. it keeps the whole thing looking modern and clean, and they’re also lined with a fabric that is SO soft and comfortable and seems to prevent slipping. ideal if you have narrow shoulders!

the briefs are listed as a short and look like a short from the front, but they’re quite low coverage in the rear (which doesn’t bother me!) and fit almost like a brazilian – but that might just be my bum! they’re made of the same lightweight mesh, two layers in the front for added modesty and comfort while the back is sheer, and the gusset is 100% cotton for total comfort.

lifestyle has been my absolute go-to over summer just because it’s so lightweight – the sheer cups are amazing at busting boob-sweat because they allow your skin to breathe and the thin fabric means that if you do sweat, it dries super quickly so you’re not left feeling sticky and damp for long. considering how much wear i’ve gotten out of them, i’m really impressed at how little they’ve stretched out. despite being a band size bigger than i’d like, all 3 colours have remained snug and comfortable. if they begin to stretch out too far, then i’ll look into shortening the band either on my own sewing machine or (more likely) going to a tailor to have it taken in an inch or so.

i got mine as always from brastop! there are currently four colours available: black, latte, petrol and red. with an RRP of £25-26 for the bra and just £13 for the short it’s a really great value everyday set coming in at just over £40. plus, the red is now on sale so it’s even better value! that’s definitely next on my list…

shop curvy kate lifestyle plunge bra and short at brastop here.

xo, the lingerie princess

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