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the sugar candy basic bralette was gifted to me by sugar candy/cake maternity in exchange for an honest review. all thoughts & opinions are my own and are entirely uninfluenced. photos self-shot.

sugar candy is a sub-brand to cake maternity, who are known for their gorgeous maternity and nursing styles. this isn’t the first time i’ve reviewed a sugar candy bra, but i figured rather than go and update the old one, i’d replace it with a new one instead – it has after all been around a year and a half! anyway, let’s get to it. during lockdown i have mostly still been wearing my bras because these 28Gs are not holding themselves up and if i don’t wear anything, the pain i get in my back and shoulders is unfathomable from working at my home not-so-ergonomic desk all day. if i really can’t be dealing with a bra then i’ll wear a tightly fitted crop top or one of my bralettes, and this is where the sugar candy bra comes in. it is that perfect balance between full underwired support and absolute comfort.

the look

the sugar candy basic bralette is a really simple design at first glance, in a soft, smooth knit fabric and a ribbed underband. at first glance you could be forgiven for thinking that this is just a simple high street sports bra style, but on closer inspection you can really see what sets it apart. the colour is uniform and the underband features the sugar candy logo for a bit of branding. all of the stitching is impeccably neat, with no loose threads or fraying anywhere to be seen, while the shoulder straps feature a pretty design on them and the hardware is coated to match the colour exactly.

the pink colourway i opted for is the perfect pastel shade, not too pale and bright like some baby pinks can be, but instead a nicely muted mauve-y hue. it’s subtle enough for everyday but a little bit prettier than your basic black, white and beige.

i do find that in the right light you can see the outline of the inner slings through the fabric, but as they’re the same colour it isn’t hugely obvious and is probably just me being hyper-aware of it! overall it is a really clean design with no fuss, ribbons or frills, and gives off a really easy going and chilled out vibe that’s perfect for lounging. it avoids the uni-boob look and manages to give a nicely defined shape to your bust.

the fit

according to the sugar candy fit finder my 28G bra size translates to an XS, so that’s what i went for. this is also the same size i wore in the lux bralette previously, which i was expecting as my size hasn’t changed much since then. the sizing seems consistent across the styles, with the basic bralette fitting me just the same. overall it is a super comfortable fit with enough capacity in the cup to hold my bust without any spillage at the neckline, and i feel it is worth mentioning that 28G/30FF is listed as being the biggest bra size covered by XS – so if i were to go up in the cup to a 28GG/30G i would definitely opt for a size Small instead. like with the lux style i do feel like there’s just not quite enough coverage at the underarm, but because of the sturdiness of the fabric i don’t feel like i’m in danger of falling out at all, and it’s actually quite a nice change from normal bras which can come up quite high on my petite frame.

it does look much smaller in your hand than it is when it’s on – partly due to the sheer amount of stretch in the fabric! the sturdy yet flexible knit fabric makes for a really supportive and secure fit that moves and flexes to fit your bust without issue, complete with a ribbed fabric at the centre front that acts a little like an underwire.

the cups feature two slings on the inside to help shape, support and separate your bust. one sling at the base of the cup acts as a platform to lift your breast tissue up and add some separation to your cleavage, while the second is at the outer edge to give forward projection and prevent your bust from falling east-west. plus, the cups are moisture wicking and heat-moulded in a stretch recovery fabric, meaning you won’t get as sweaty and they won’t lose their shape – a bit like memory foam for your boobs!

the underband has an extended hook and eye fastening of six columns (most traditional bras feature 3 or 4 columns) and three rows, so you get a super supportive fit on a wide band, and also plenty of adjustment room for size fluctuations. this comfortably fits my 27″ underbust on the third or fourth sets of hooks, and when i need extra support i can bring this in even tighter thanks to the stretch in the ribbed fabric. the softness of this style cannot be emphasised enough – even when i fastened this on the tightest set of hooks i experienced no pain from scratchy fabrics or stitching! to finish, there are swan hooks on the shoulder straps at the back so you can convert it to a cross over style if you wish, as opposed to a racerback j-clip.

the verdict

the sugar candy bra is quite easily one of the best fuller bust bralettes out there right now thanks to the technology and fabrics used to make it so supportive and comfortable. it’s also really versatile – it could definitely be used for low impact sports like yoga or power walking, and is thick enough in the fabric to be worn on its own with leggings without a top over it. it would make a great maternity bra too, due to the huge flexibility in sizing and the extended hook and eye clasps to fit an expanding rib cage. that being said there are also nursing bra versions available for all their styles, featuring easy drop-down clips on the cups for fuss-free breastfeeding.

sugar candy bras are made from a blend of nylon and elastane which is super durable and are oekto-tex certified so there’s no nasty chemicals involved with the dying process, and all the hardware is nickel-free so no need to worry about reactions if you’re sensitive to it. the brand also has an eco promise to produce the minimal amount of waste possible.

at a price point of £39.90 it is a little more on the expensive side but considering the technicality of the design it seems more than fair, and is well worth the investment as they truly hold up to the test of time. a year and a half later and my lux bralette is still going strong (even being machine washed!) – and i’m excited to be able to throw another style into the mix.

the sugar candy bra is currently designed to fit across 28-40 backs and F-H cups, with more sizes on the way soon! shop sugar candy bralettes here.

xo, the lingerie princess

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