clothing review: alyssa fuller bust corset top – taideux

AD: pr sample. the alyssa corset top in purple was gifted to me by taideux. all thoughts and opinions are my own and, as always, entirely uninfluenced. styled with the vila satin wrap skirt from asos.

this is something super new for my blog – fashion! as a small back, fuller bust gal, there’s no denying that finding clothes that fit and feel good can be tricky. we normally have to avoid button-up blouses, or size up 2-3 sizes to get our boobs in, or exclusively shop for styles that are made from stretchy fabrics to accommodate our curves. and that’s just for everyday, casual wear – don’t even get me started on the struggles we face when it comes to finding something more formal. enter taideux: an ethically and sustainably made, full bust friendly clothing brand started by dolapo – a DD+ cup babe herself who knows the struggle firsthand. when they offered to gift me one of their first pieces to try out – the alyssa corset top – i couldn’t say no!

the look

taideux’s alyssa boned full bust corset top is made from luxurious satin fabrics, with a structured yet flexible boned body and a ruched bust, meeting thick satin shoulder straps with a sturdy gold zip to the back. the deep purple hue is the perfect jewel tone, and it quite honestly looks like something a disney princess would wear (i can’t help but picture ariel in this!).

the alyssa top has so obviously been made for the fuller bust, with plenty of room for DD+ cup breasts. the pleated, ruched bust is super cute and works to enhance and flaunt our fuller cup sizes rather than hide them, while providing a modest and comfortable neckline.

in terms of quality, i have no complaints. the stitching is all extremely neat and tidy, the fabric has been handled nicely and sits exactly how it should, the boning is fully encased and the top is also lined. the zip on the back is quite chunky but i think it works well with the aesthetic of the piece and, with it being gold toned, it keeps in line with the luxury feel.

the fit

the taideux size chart is unique in that it offers your standard S/M/L sizing up to a 2XL (UK sizes 8-10 to 16-18), but with two bust size options for each body size. a lot of research went into this sizing chart, and i know because i was asked to help by submitting my measurements! according to this size chart i went for the alyssa in a size S1 – a size small, with the smaller of the two bust size options. it fits spot on – with my current measurements being 27-28″ at the waist and around 38-39″ in the bust. while this is supportive enough to not wear with a bra, i did find it gave me quite a flat shape so i was recommended to try it with a bra which works perfectly – and the thick straps hide your bra straps too!

i love the boned structure of this style as i feel like it really hugs my curves and sculpts my waist without being uncomfortable or restrictive, and instead just highlights what i’ve got! i have put on a bit of weight over lockdown which seems to have gone straight to my hips and bum, so i’m glad the alyssa top has a curved hem which sits nicely at my natural waistline and doesn’t dig into my hips.

i did find the underarm to come up a little bit high, which i initially put down to me being so petite in the torso as this is something i come across with lots of bras and clothing, but was later informed that actually, as my sample is one of the first ones that were produced, there was an issue with the way the factory made it and it has since been improved – winner!

i’ve seen this on some other babes like nelle (nellesdirectory) who also wears an S1 and is a 30FF, josie (iamjosiejayne) who wears an M1 and is a 30GG, and chloe (fullerbustinspo) who wears an XL1 and is a 32JJ-34J – and the fit looks incredible on all of them. YAS to big boob friendly clothing!

the verdict

i am SO excited to see how taideux continue to grow and support us fuller busted babes. not only do they truly care about creating beautiful styles for us to wear, but they also have great ethics. they work on a made to order basis so the turnaround time is a little longer, and the price is a little higher, but you’re getting quality product and help reduce textile waste in return.

the alyssa corset top i received retails at £89 – which i honestly believe is a fair price to pay for something as beautiful, well-fitting, and ethically made as this. it’s a more formal piece, definitely not something i’d wear day to day, but for going out for an evening, a party, wedding etc then it’s perfect and well in line with what i would expect to pay when looking for an outfit like that. it far, far exceeds the quality of similar styles you’d see on the high street or from fast fashion brands.

alongside alyssa, there is also the bella crop top which has gorgeous puff sleeves. colours are subject to sell out due to the business model and availability of fabrics, but right now alyssa is available in black, purple and pink, while bella is available in teal and black. i am very, very impressed all-round by this brand and looking forward to more good things to come! shop the full taideux range here.

will you be giving taideux a try?

xo, the lingerie princess

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