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AD: paid review. lovesuze nyc have compensated me for a review of these garments. all thoughts and opinions are entirely unbiased and uninfluenced.

i’m always excited to bring new brands to the lingerie princess. part of why i set this little corner of the internet up is because i wanted to show those out there with smaller backs and fuller busts that there are some great options for us that might fall under the radar of the likes of huge businesses like victoria’s secret and savage x fenty. today’s review is of some pieces from lovesuze nyc – a new brand started by suzanne, who spent two decades working in the lingerie industry for victoria’s secret – and wanted to create a lingerie line that doesn’t compromise on fit or comfort.

the entire lovesuze collection uses flex-sizing™ which allows for flexibility that moves with you, adjusting to your body’s fluctuations. there are a few different shapes available so you can mix and match to find something that suits your style, with a choice of colours too. with a fuller bust i tend to avoid triangle bralettes so i opted to try out the soho scoop neck bralette with the matching thong, and the sutton lace bodysuit because i am a total sucker for a one piece with layering opportunities! so, let’s jump into it…

the look

all three of these pieces from lovesuze are made from a soft floral lace in a simple looking construction with simple shapes, offering a feminine and classic look. the bralette set is a punchy, vibrant purple with a wide scoop neckline, slim shoulder straps and a racerback shape. it is non-padded with an extra layer of lace for modesty in the front, finished with gold sliders and an elastic strip to the underband. a single dart in each cup offers some shaping for the breast tissue, with elastic backing along the inside underarm and neckline seams to stabilise while allowing stretch. the matching thong follows the same simple shape, with a full lace waistband and cotton lined gusset. the seams and finishings on both pieces are neat and tidy, with no rough edges on show.

the black bodysuit is made from a similar floral lace which is also nice and stretchy, and is cut in a sexy high leg shape with a deep v-neckline. cleverly placed extra layers of lace to the bust create a panelled look that offers a contoured effect, while also providing gentle support where needed. a high apex cut meets slim shoulder straps which are also adjustable with gold sliders, and an additional strap across the back allows for ease of fit and added security. finished with a lined gusset that has no fastening, and elastic backing to the underarm seams for added stability. just like the bralette set, the seams are neatly finished with no rough stitches or frayed edging poking through.

the fit

i have to admit, the idea of ‘flexible sizing’ struck me as a bit of a marketing gimmick. how much can a garment flex to fit different shapes and sizes? the bralettes and bodies are are listed with dual sizes – XS/S, M/L, XL/1XL – while the thong was listed as S/M/L and XL/1XL. i opted for the M/L in the bralette and body based on my measurements vs their size chart, and an S/M/L in the thong.

the bodysuit was the first piece i tried, and i was pleasantly surprised by the fit. i usually find myself having to size up by at least 2-3 sizes in dress-sized bodies to accommodate for my bust so this was a great test for the flex-sizing. with recent weight gain due to working from home and covid lockdowns, this actually fit really nicely and i was pleasantly surprised. the high leg shape is lovely and really elongates your leg, and thanks to the soft stretch in the lace it doesn’t feel like it digs in or cuts you in half like some high leg bodies can do! i am fairly petite in the torso so i often find that bodies are usually a little too long for me, but again – not an issue here. the flex-sizing really does work with this bodysuit both in terms of length and width. i could have done with it being a little firmer in the body, for my waist in particular, but it is overall comfortable and contains my bust effortlessly which is no mean feat for 28Gs! in terms of support it is not the most supportive and secure, but i don’t feel like i’d fall out of it. i don’t plan on running a marathon or doing much strenuous activity in this garment, so it holds up just fine! it would also look super cute layered over a bra if needed. i’m imagining some killer outerwear looks for when we can start going out again…! the back of the body is cut in a thong shape which is my preferred cut, so this gets a big thumbs up from me. the only thing i would want to change about this is the strap at the back – perhaps having a hook-and-eye fastening or some sort of slider to adjust it would improve the overall fit.

when it came to the bralette i was also pleasantly surprised by the softness and fit. i was due on my period when i shot these photos so my bust was a little more swollen than usual thanks to hormones, but this is just testament to how well the stretch fabric works. the shape of this bralette seems to work well for larger cup sizes (DD+) and doesn’t dig in along the neckline, while the elastic strip underband keeps everything secure. slim straps like this tend to dig into my shoulders quite painfully after some time with non-wired styles, but the racerback shape helps to distribute the pressure a little more evenly and keeps it comfortable. like the bodysuit, this is not something i could do anything too strenuous in, but for the current climate of working from home and staying in as much as possible, this is becoming one of my go-to bralettes that i find my hands reaching for more and more often for the long days in front of my computer screen in my home office. the only issue i find with the bralette is the underarm height, where it doesn’t quite give me the coverage i need and i feel a little exposed. because of this i unfortunately don’t think it would be suitable for a much larger bra size than my 28G or equivalent sister sizes. the coordinating thong is nice and comfortable thanks to the super stretchy lace waistband and barely feels like you’re wearing anything at all.

the verdict

despite my initial reservations and skepticism at the idea of ‘flex-sizing’, i’m very impressed by just how accommodating these pieces are. i’ve tried these out over the course of a few months where i’ve fluctuated from a size 8 to a 12 and back to a solid UK size 10 (still more a 12 on the hips), with my bra size remaining at 28G, and can honestly say that each time i’ve worn these i’ve felt comfortable and not restricted at all. the sizes i opted for feel like they would quite comfortably fit a larger size up to around a 14/small 16, and up to a 28GG/30G/32FF/34F bra, and of course the smaller sizes. those with a larger cup size could well try out a size up to see if this offers the extra room required, but would then risk compromising the fit elsewhere.

at the time of writing, the bodysuit comes in at USD $60 (approx £45), the bralette at USD $40 (approx £30) and the thong at USD $22 (approx £16). this is a little higher than i’d expect to pay for such simple-looking garments at first glance, but once you consider the fact that these are such flexible pieces that will work with your body’s fluctuations, along with time and labour for designing, developing and producing the product, it certainly justifies the price point. the fabrics also feel of a much higher quality than similar laces you’d find on high street garments – they don’t feel like they’ll rip if you accidentally put a nail through them or tug them a little too firmly!

lovesuze really does lean into the comfort factor we’re all in need of right now and are great for throwing on when you just want cosiness and softness that has a barely-there feel to it, while also looking and feeling cute. the forgiving sizing would also make these a fabulous choice for a gift to a loved one! right now they do only ship to the US, but hopefully they will soon open this up to the UK and europe, but for my american friends this is a great opportunity to shop small and support an independent, woman-owned business. check out the whole lovesuze range and shop online here!

what do you think of this new brand?

xo, the lingerie princess

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