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the shimmer tights* and the polka dot tights* from heist studios were gifted to me. all thoughts and opinions are my own and, as always, entirely uninfluenced.

today’s blog post is something a little different – lots of you have been asking for more fashion content, so when heist studios asked me if i’d like to try out their new patterned tights* my mind immediately started racing with the cute outfits i could create. heist studios are mostly known for their game changing tights, and now i’ve finally tried them for myself i can absolutely see why! read on for my thoughts on the two pairs i received, along with a look at how i ended up styling them.

the look

the heist studios tights* aren’t all that different from your regular tights at a glance, made from a soft and sheer mesh. the thing that really sets these apart from your high street tights though is the fact there’s no seams, no sewn-in gusset and the waistband is deeper, made from a thicker, much sturdier fabric than the sheer denier usually used for the waist. the shimmer pair* are made with a super fine iridescent yarn that offers a silver shine to the black base, while the polka dot pair* are ultra-sheer with a cute dotted pattern.

both of the pairs i tried out are gorgeous and unique, fancy enough to wear for dressing up and going out-out yet subtle enough to wear everyday with a range of casual outfits. perfectly versatile! the packaging was also super cute too – i did film an unboxing video on instagram but it decided to delete the reel while it was in drafts, but they come individually packaged in a cardboard sleeve and fully recycled/recyclable plastic. we love eco-friendly packaging!

the fit

both pairs of these heist studios tights* fit superbly – i am currently sitting at a comfortable size 10 (waist 27-28″, hips 41″) which puts me right between a 10 and 12-14 according to their size chart. i opted to stick with the 10 based on my waist measurement and this seems to have been the perfect choice for me as the tights had plenty of stretch to fit my hips, but if you’re unsure feel free to reach out to them and get some sizing advice! all of heist studios’ tights* use a super comfy, hand-sewn adaptive waistband that contours to the curve of your waist – this is said to prevent rolling, twisting and digging in, which i definitely did not experience whilst wearing these. this deeper, stronger waistband also offers a semi-smoothing effect so you can be sure to get a lovely sleek silhouette under clothes.

although i’m a petite 5’3″, i am mostly leg so never seem to have a lot of trouble with tights fitting in the length or being too long for me. the stretch of these feels plenty enough to adapt to shorter or longer leg lengths. if you’re particularly tall you may wish to size up for some extra fabric length, just to be on the safe side.

the lack of seams and gusset had me skeptical – surely that’s what helps to give the stay-up power? but oh, how wrong i was! i’ve never worn a pair of tights more comfortable. no awkward centre seams digging in at the front, no sagging gusset falling to my knees, no rolling waistband. heist use an innovative 5,000 spiral yarn and a single toe-to-toe tube design which works to flex around your curves and hug your body in all the right places. when i say these didn’t move an inch i mean it – and this includes when i was climbing over fallen logs and branches. they also get bonus points for sustainability here as they’re made from 100% recycled yarns.

the shimmer* and the polka dot* fit identically, suggesting that sizing is consistent across the brand. the only notable difference between them was the texture of the fabric, which is to be expected when one contains sparkly yarn! i was pleased to note that the shimmer tights* weren’t itchy, like i have experienced with glittery tights in the past (throwback to school discos and dance class recitals), and that they’re also subtly shimmery and not overly in-your-face glitzy glamour.

the verdict

overall i am SUPER impressed by these heist studios tights*. not only are they comfortable and stay in place, but they’re sturdy and long-lasting too. i have long, pointy nails and often find myself laddering tights and stockings as soon as i pull them on, but these didn’t even get a click in them. i mentioned briefly that i was also climbing over fallen logs for this mini photoshoot – i can’t tell you how many times i clicked the super-fine polka dot tights* on twigs, branches and stinging nettles, yet there is not a mark on them. no ladders, holes, snags or clicks! they’re even comfy enough to sit down all day in at my desk.

i’ve tried other brands in the past that claim to stay in place and not sag or ladder, but have always been let down by them and found they never quite lived up to their expectations. it’s easy to see why heist are known for their tights, these are quite honestly game changing and do what they claim to do. they advise to hand wash tights but i threw mine in the wash (in a lingerie bag, on a delicate 30 degree cycle) and they came out as good as new – literally like how they were when i first took them out of the package.

priced at £26 a pair they might sound expensive for tights – but think about how often you need to throw away and re-buy tights after they ladder or snag, or lose their shape after a couple of wears. heist’s tights* are an investment that will last wear after wear, are sustainably made and have an overall better impact on the environment. these simply are not comparable with a £5 multi-pack from primark, or even a £12 pair of house of holland tights that i had to re-buy after the first wear! i know that not everyone has the accessibility to pay out so much up front, but if you’re able to i would highly, highly recommend them.

which is your favourite pair? shop the entire heist studios tights* range here!

xo, the lingerie princess

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