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the gossard glossies plunge bra* and thong* were gifted to me. all thoughts and opinions are my own and, as always, entirely uninfluenced.
disclaimer: i’ve edited my nipples out of the images, as i’ll be linking to this article from instagram and their new guidelines are pretty strict on ‘pornographic’ content, which for some reason includes female nipples in a non-sexualised situation. i know, it’s ridiculous.

gossard’s glossies sheer moulded bra* is somewhat of an icon in the lingerie community. its award winning design is unique and instantly recognisable, and is renowned for being one of the comfiest bras ever. i tried this style years ago when i first got into the world of bra fitting, and honestly wasn’t keen on it. it lived up to the comfort hype but i just didn’t like the look of it on me, perhaps because it was only made in 30 bands at the time or maybe because at the time i didn’t really understand different breast shapes and how they can affect the way a bra fits… fast forward a couple of years, it’s now available in 28 bands and when i received it in the post from gossard, i was more than happy to give it another go. read on to find out my thoughts on this bestselling style!

the look

simply put, the gossard glossies bra* is the epitome of minimal chic. the cups are a seamless design, made from an ultra-sheer mesh with a subtle shimmer that feels softer than soft, complete with inner slings on DD+ sizes. slim shoulder straps (which are convertible to a cross-back in A-D cup sizes) and a slim back band keep this minimal vibe going, with gold gossard name plate and hardware detail to finish. the edges are finished with flat backing for stabilisation, with a soft casing around the underwires and a bandless shape. if you like your bras to be barely-there, this is the style for you.

when it comes to describing the shape of this style, i find it a bit of a mix between a plunge and a full cup style. the centre gore sits lower than the average balcony so it is fair to describe as a plunge style, but the actual coverage in the cup is quite high – it isn’t necessarily something you would pick out for going under a lower neckline specifically.

the coordinating thong is equally minimalistic in a classic T-back cut, made from the same shimmery mesh and meeting a soft waistband. this whole set uses clean, simple shapes for smooth lines and fuss-free style that’s seamless under clothing, while looking luxurious and expensive.

the fit

as i touched on a little previously, i wasn’t keen on this style when i first tried it. it still honestly isn’t my favourite in terms of shape, but when it comes to comfort and fit it is incredible. this is one of those bras you forget you’re wearing – it feels so much like a second skin. i received a 28G, my regular size in most brands and styles, and find the band runs a little on the loose side; which is strange for gossard as i used to find they came up quite firm. i’m not sure if this is a 28 band thing or if this is now the case across all sizes with the introduction of 28s to the brand. nevertheless, it fits comfortably on my 27″ underbust whilst fastened on the middle hooks (i can clasp it on the tightest, but it gets a little uncomfortable after a couple of hours). the cup has good capacity and neatly contains my 28G bust.

gossard’s glossies bra* gives a bit of a flattened shape on me, almost like a minimiser bra as it pushes my breast tissue to the sides for a wider, splayed fit and almost no projection. there’s a mesh side sling on the inner cups in DD+ sizes which helps to support and shape larger busts, and i feel like it does help my naturally splayed, east-west bust to sit a little more front-and-centre than it would without the sling. i do get a touch of digging in along the neckline where my breast tissue is quite firm and full, but this is barely noticeable unless i have some hormonal swelling.

the slim shoulder straps are nice for DD+ sizes, and i don’t find that they dig in too much. they certainly don’t cause any discomfort, at any rate. overall this style gives a very natural, relaxed shape which, whilst it isn’t my favourite, is a welcome addition to my collection. it fits so comfortably and i love wearing it when i just want to feel cosy and unrestricted. the underhand also only has two hooks and eyes which is another welcome change to the norm, as most bras in fuller cup sizes tend to have three hooks.

the thong fits true to size, and is one of my go-tos for daily wear. i cannot explain how soft this is! it has a cotton lined gusset which has a good length to it, and sits perfectly in place all day. i did find the waistband stretches out fairly easily after a few wears and washes, but it doesn’t lose too much shape and still fits securely, just with a little less give to the elastics.

the verdict

overall this is a gorgeous everyday set for when you want a no-fuss, comfortable fit. despite the lack of padding, the super smooth fabrics give a t-shirt bra style shape under clothes so you’re sure to get that seam-free, barely-there look which is no mean feat for such a lightweight bra! speaking of lightweight, this is a great choice for a summer bra. with the super-sheer fabric it feels feather light on the skin, and is breathable too. the wires are encased in a soft fabric that prevents rubbing at the underbust, too – so there’s minimal chaffing from boob sweat!

my only gripe with this style is as i mentioned before – i’m not the hugest fan of the shape on me. it isn’t something i’d choose to wear under a tighter fitting top purely because i personally prefer a much more projected, rounded fit which this style just unfortunately doesn’t give me. this is simply down to my natural breast shape, and not necessarily a fault of the bra’s design.

the gossard glossies range* is available in a handful of core colours: black*, white*, beige*, bronze* and rich brown*, along with an array of colours (a couple of my favourites are chilli red* and emerald*), as well as a fierce leopard print*. there’s also a matching short if thongs aren’t your thing, or a classic brief is available in some colourways. not a fan of the super sheer look either? no problem – take a look at the super gorgeous glossies lace range*. all the same technical details and simple shapes, but in a beautiful chantilly lace. it is also worth noting that gossard aren’t just a fuller bust exclusive brand – they carry from A to G cups across most of their ranges.

priced at £32 for the glossies bra, this feels like a reasonable price point for the technical design involved in making a product like this work as well as it does, in such lovely fabrics, and offering a great fit at the same time. the coordinating bottoms range from £12-15, which is also in line with industry standards and feels reasonable, bringing the set in at under £50.

what do you think of this cheeky little set? shop it on the gossard website here*!

xo, the lingerie princess

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