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the scantilly sheer chic* set was gifted for fit and wear testing, with no obligation to review. all thoughts & opinions are my own and are entirely uninfluenced.

it’s been a hot minute since i last reviewed a scantilly set, and what better way to come back than with this absolutely gorgeous set? the sheer chic range* was new in for AW20 and is a total stunner. i admittedly wasn’t keen on it when i first saw images, but once i’d seen it in person and tried it on i was instantly besotted. there’s no denying that scantilly are filling a huge gap in the lingerie market by offering such stunning designs like these exclusively in DD-HH cup sizes, where so many other luxury, sexy brands stop at a DD or E. but enough of my waffling on, we all know why you’re here so let’s jump into it…

the look

scantilly’s sheer chic set* is pretty self explanatory – it’s sheer, and it’s chic! the main mesh is in a gorgeous mink hue, a perfectly dusky blend of pink that isn’t your typical ‘sexy lingerie’ red or black with a subtle shimmer. it’s the kind of tone that would complement any skin colour – dark or light. bold, black binding trims the set and highlights the vertical seams in the cup, which are constructed in a non-padded half cup balcony shape. the shoulder straps are nice and wide, with gorgeous rose gold hardware that’s signature to the scantilly brand. a thick band of elastic to the underbust adds a faux-longline effect, which looks stunning with the mirrored thick waistband on the brief.

the sheer chic brief* is a high rise, high leg brazilian shape, making for an absolutely killer silhouette that accentuates your hips and really flaunts that hourglass shape. made from the same mink mesh in the front, the back features a softer mesh with a folded edge to ensure a smoother fit under clothing. i would prefer a smaller brief, as always, but this works really well when paired with the bra.

overall this beauty of a set exudes glamour and luxury. it feels expensive and well made, with sturdy components and tidy construction that has obviously been made with support and comfort in mind. it’s fair to say that i’m just a little bit obsessed with it!

the fit

as always, i’m wearing my sister size of 30FF in this style as scantilly don’t offer 28 back sizes for me to wear my usual 28G. compared to their sister brand curvy kate, scantilly can fit a little firmer in the band – often due to the type of materials and fabrics used, like non-stretch satin trims. this is true for sheer chic* with its thick elastic trim to the band – it feels very snug and fits my underbust perfectly on the loosest set of hooks. i’m currently measuring between 27-28″ on my ribcage (snug measurement). the cup capacity feels spot on, with the wires sitting snugly around my breast tissue and really holding my bust in place. it gives that typical half cup shape that i like to call ‘cakes on a plate’, thanks to the vertical seams pushing all your breast tissue up from the bottom and really filling out the top.

with that in mind, i would recommend sister sizing up in the band for this style to get a more comfortable fit. if your breast tissue is already quite full and firm, you might also want to try a cup size up for some added capacity. i have noticed that when i’m at my fullest shape during the month (cheers, hormones) i can’t quite get away with wearing this and would need a cup size up to accommodate the extra upper fullness. the rest of the time, though, it’s perfect and gives me exactly the shape i want.

when it comes to the sheer chic brief*, i’m wearing a size small. this is the equivalent of a UK 8-10, and feels spot on. due to lockdown weight gain i’m currently sitting at around a 10-12 on my hips/thighs but still around 8-10 on my waist. the higher rise cut comes to just below my navel, which is where i prefer a high waist to sit on me. being petite this doesn’t always happen so this gets bonus points from me for that – but bare in mind this might mean it doesn’t come quite as high on someone who’s taller! i adore the high leg front, it offers a comfortable fit as it doesn’t dig into the crease of my thigh and curves up higher around my hip – meaning i don’t get any awkward digging in on the fuller part of my figure. the gusset length is spot on, and is a comfortable width so there’s no bunching or digging in.

i do unfortunately find the back of the brief has a tendency to bunch up a bit at the waist, but i think a lot of this is down to being so short in the torso and how i prefer to wear my knickers a little higher on my hips. it doesn’t cause too much discomfort, but is noticeable if i’m wearing them under something tighter fitted like jeans.

the verdict

as i said in my opening paragraph, i absolutely adore this set. i’m glad i had the chance to try it out because i probably wouldn’t have chosen to purchase it based on images alone. it is one of those see-it-to-believe-it sets for me! it’s something a little different for scantilly – with the colour being so soft and muted rather than a fierce red or sultry black – but it works really well and is a welcome contrast to some of their previous designs.

i feel like this would be a great alternative for those who love the half cup lift and shape of scantilly’s classic unleashed and harnessed bras,* but can’t wear them because of the foam lining. a vertical seamed bra is my preferred shape because i love the fit and lift it gives me, but i don’t always want the fuss of foam lining or padding and sometimes just want a nice, lighter feeling bra – and this ticks those boxes for me. i cannot believe how much lift it gives without having anything lining the cups other than mesh and denier!

sheer chic* is available in scantilly’s usual size range of 30-38 DD-HH for the bra (£38), and S (8-10) to XL (20-22) for the brief (£22), coming in at £60 for the set which honestly feels like a bargain considering how well constructed this feels.

shop it on the curvy kate website here*, or browse the rest of the scantilly range* to see what else there is.

what do you think of this cheeky little set?

xo, the lingerie princess

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